Who is ZZap?

Greg Zwicker


 Dartmouth guy, Co-founder of ZZap. Inspired to make cities and communities better through land development, design and relationship building. 

email: greg@zzap.ca

Joe Zareski


Another Dartmouth guy, Co-founder of ZZap. Fixated on placemaking design through authentic and meaningful engagement.

email: joe@zzap.ca

Connor Wallace


Urban Planner and Project Manager, Connor Wallace, has over 5 years of industry experience.  His comprehensive understanding of development regulations in relation to client goals, gives him an innate ability to identify trends, opportunities and standards that can be successfully applied to specific projects. 

email: connor@zzap.ca

Justine Bowles


 Intern Architect and Project Leader, Justine Bowles, hails from Antigonish, NS and is passionate about place making through the integrated design approach.

email: justine@zzap.ca

Cassie Wood


 Senior Architect, Cassie Wood, has over  20 years of professional experience. She leads our technical staff , overseeing projects through detailed documentation and design.

email: cassie@zzap.ca

Zahra Williams


 Intern Architect and Project Leader, Zahra Williams, has over 10 years of industry experience in both Canada and the United States. Zahra's strong project management and technical design skills has her managing projects from the preliminary design stage through to detailed documentation. 

email: zahra@zzap.ca

Natalia Chudaeva


Intern Architect, Natalia Chudaeva, originally from Vladivostok, Russia, is a talented designer with over 10 years experience. She strives for unique design solutions that are embraced by the communities in which they are located.

email: natalia@zzap.ca

Chris Markides


  Urban Planner, Chris Markides, is a key member of our Planning group. He manages development projects through municipal approval processes and has specialized training in accessible design that he applies to his work.

email: chris.markides@zzap.ca

Ken Watters


Senior Planning Technician, Ken Watters, grew up and has worked in the Halifax area for over 30 years with knowledge and experience on projects across the Maritime Provinces and Canada.

email: ken@zzap.ca

Robert Smith


Senior Architectural Technician and CSC Member, Robert Smith, is our lead Architectural Technologist and Sr. Construction Contract Administrator with over 20 years experience in the UK and Canada.

email: Robert@zzap.ca

Loren Harding


Architectural Technician, Loren Harding, CSC Member, is one of our enthusiastic technical support staff who helps our projects through detailed documentation and design.

email: loren@zzap.ca

Ellen MacLean


Architectural Technician, Ellen MacLean, CSC Member,  supports our design team through her use of a mix of visualization technologies to help our projects come alive.

email: ellen@zzap.ca

Chris Macdonald


Architectural Technician, Chris Macdonald, is a key member of our technical group, supporting projects through the detailed documentation and design. 

email: chris@zzap.ca

Gamal Bawazir

Gamal Bawazir

Intern Architect, Gamal Bawazir, is one of our 20+ year , internationally experienced Project Leaders who is involved in all aspects of project delivery; from the preparation of contract documents to Contract Administration and site review.

email: gamal@zzap.ca

Christina Zareski


Project Designer, Christina Zareski, is a talented designer with over 6 years of industry experience and is part of our technical support group assisting projects at the detailed design stage.

email: christina@zzap.ca

Rajesh Barua


  Senior Architectural Technologist, Rajesh Barua, recently moved to Halifax from Bangladesh. Raj supports projects through the detailed documentation and design. 

email: raj@zzap.ca

More "ZZap-ers" to come


Stay tuned...