Be a "ZZap"-er

Passion Wanted!

Do you love what you do, want to shape our city and create real places? We are looking for talented Technical and Design staff. We offer competitive wages, attractive benefits and the team spirit only found in a small, nimble design studio. Apply in confidence to 

Join our Integrated Design Team:

LICENSED ARCHITECT -  An artist who's always thinking about design, likes to get their hands dirty and can't turn it off! Licensed Architect (NSAA) with experience as a Integrated Design Team Leader and a passion for place-making.

 Wanted: Senior Registered Architect

Registered Architect with min 5 years’ experience specializing in document production and consultant coordination. Candidate to have experience as a team leader in production management; understanding and can demonstrate how to efficiently manage staff resources within project mandates; and works with the Principals of the firm to develop and deploy the firm’s BIM protocols and drawing standards to each project; implementing the firms project management software.

You are passionate about the details and methodologies of how a building goes together and finds the ‘art’ in how a drawing is presented with a deep understanding of the Canadian and Nova Scotia Building Codes and a wide range of construction assemblies. Experience should include a variety of project types; from complex new buildings to renovations, including heritage restorations and mixed use commercial.

Specification writing experience is essential; working with our team of Senior Technologists and Architects to oversee the efficient integration of the specs and drawings into a harmonious set of contract documents.

Min Accreditation include: NSAA, CSC, LEED